About Slovakia

The Slovak Republic is situated in central Europe and is famous for its pastures, cave formations and meadows. As the country is picturesque, all year round it offers a conducive environment for the international students. Slovakia became the member of European Union in spring 2004. Since 1991, the state has seen extensive changes with privatization and liberalization.
The landscape of Slovakia is mountainous in nature. The Carpathian Mountains extend across the northern half of the country. The largest lowland is considered to be fertile. There are 9 national parks in the country along with many caves, rivers and lakes.

Slovak Technical University

Among the different educational programs that are renowned in Slovakia, medical education is one of them. Some of the top medical universities situated here are accredited by the Medical Council of India and even the World Health Organisation. They offer sophisticated standards of medical education like the ones that are available in India. Moreover, on the completion of the 6 years MBBS programs, the students are eligible to apply for medical license at MCI. This indicates that the degree acquired here is highly valuable all over the world.
There are some prominent medical universities in Slovakia that attract international students. The Slovak Medical University is definitely the most in-demand one. The institution offers medical educational programs in English medium due to which language barrier will not be a factor for the students. It is a public institution offering higher education, and it acts under the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. The university offers 6 years medical program and has the experienced faculty and updated classroom facilities so that the students get the best opportunities for development.


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